6 Must Have Magento Plugins To Boost Sales on E-Commerce Site

In today’s competitive e-commerce landscape, standing out from the crowd requires more than just a beautiful website and compelling products. Customers crave interactive experiences, seamless integration, and personalized engagement. That’s where these Magento plugins can help your e-commerce site. With the right arsenal of tools, you can transform your online store into a dynamic sales machine, skyrocketing your conversion rates and customer satisfaction. 

So, how do you identify the best Magento plugins to boost your e-commerce site sales? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! We’ve curated a list of 6 must-have Magento plugins that will help your e-commerce business boost sales:

Must Have Magento Plugins in 2024

  • Amasty Live Chat: Chat in real-time, build trust, and boost sales. 
  • PushEngage Magento Extension: Recapture lost sales and drive impulse purchases. 
  • SEO Toolkit by Amasty: Climb the search engine ladder and dominate organic traffic. 
  • Mageplaza Reward Points: Turn loyal customers into raving fans and unlock repeat business. 
  • Magento 2 Search Autocomplete & Suggest Extension: Make product discovery effortless and intuitive. 
  • Magento 2 Track Order & Shipment Status Extension: Keep customers informed and reduce support inquiries. 

1. Amasty Live Chat

Ditch the impersonal email chains and engage with customers in real time! Amasty Live Chat seamlessly integrates with your Magento store, allowing you to proactively address concerns, answer questions, and offer personalized support. This boosts customer trust, reduces friction, and ultimately leads to more conversions. Imagine, that a visitor hesitant about a purchase can instantly connect with a friendly representative and have their doubts cleared, leading to a happy sale. 


  • Real-time chat conversations 
  • Customizable chat windows 
  • Pre-chat forms for lead capture 
  • Chat history and transcripts 
  • Integration with CRM systems 


  • Instant customer support 
  • Increased sales conversions 
  • Improved customer satisfaction 
  • Reduced support tickets 
  • Enhanced brand engagement 

How Amasty Live Chat Magento Plugins Can Boost E-commerce Sales

  • Scenario: A visitor hesitates about buying a pair of shoes because they’re unsure about the size. They open the live chat and within seconds connect with a friendly rep who helps them find the perfect fit, leading to a confident purchase. 
  • Sales Boost: 20% reduction in abandoned carts due to immediate resolution of customer concerns. 

2. PushEngage Magento Extension

Take customer engagement to a whole new level with targeted push notifications. This powerful plugin lets you send personalized notifications directly to your customers’ mobile devices, reminding them about abandoned carts, highlighting special offers, and promoting new arrivals. These timely nudges recapture lost sales, drive impulse purchases, and keep your brand top-of-mind. Think of it as a gentle tap on the shoulder, reminding customers of their unfinished business with you. 


  • Targeted push notifications 
  • Personalized messaging 
  • Abandoned cart reminders 
  • New product alerts 
  • Sales and promotion notifications 
  • Detailed analytics and segmentation 


  • Recapture lost sales 
  • Drive impulse purchases 
  • Increase customer engagement 
  • Boost brand awareness 
  • Build customer loyalty 

How PushEngage Magento Plugins Can Boost E-commerce Sales

  • Scenario: A customer adds a trendy jacket to their cart but gets distracted and abandons it. Later that day, they receive a personalized push notification reminding them about the jacket with a special discount, prompting them to complete the purchase. 
  • Sales Boost: 15% increase in recovered sales from abandoned carts through targeted push notifications. 

3. SEO Toolkit by Amasty

Climb the search engine ladder and dominate organic traffic with Amasty’s SEO Toolkit. This comprehensive plugin equips you with a powerful arsenal of SEO optimization tools, from rich snippets and meta tags to structured data and internal linking suggestions. By boosting your store’s visibility and relevance, you’ll attract more qualified traffic, ensuring a steady stream of potential buyers browsing your virtual aisles. 


  • Rich snippets and meta tags optimization 
  • Structured data implementation 
  • Internal linking suggestions 
  • Content analysis and recommendations 
  • SEO performance tracking 


  • Improved search engine rankings 
  • Increased organic traffic 
  • Higher click-through rates 
  • Enhanced brand visibility 
  • More qualified leads 

How SEO Toolkit Magento Plugins Can Boost E-commerce Sales

  • Scenario: Your store ranks higher in search results for “eco-friendly sneakers” thanks to optimized meta tags and rich snippets, attracting a wave of new customers looking for sustainable options. 
  • Sales Boost: 30% increase in organic traffic due to improved search engine visibility. 

4. Mageplaza Reward Points

Turn loyal customers into raving fans with a smart rewards program. Mageplaza Reward Points lets you reward customers for every purchase, review, and social media interaction. These accumulated points can then be redeemed for discounts, exclusive products, or early access to sales. This incentivizes repeat business, fosters brand loyalty, and encourages customers to become your vocal advocates. Think of it as saying “thank you” with a VIP treatment, making customers feel valued and appreciated. 


  • Point-based rewards system 
  • Customizable reward rules 
  • Multiple redemption options 
  • Loyalty tiers and VIP programs 
  • Integration with social media 


  • Encourages repeat purchases 
  • Fosters brand loyalty 
  • Promotes customer advocacy 
  • Increases customer lifetime value 
  • Drives positive word-of-mouth

How Reward Points Magento Plugins Can Boost E-commerce Sales

  • Scenario: A regular customer earns reward points for every purchase and uses them to redeem a gift with their next order, feeling appreciated and incentivized to shop more. 
  • Sales Boost: 10% increase in average order value and repeat purchases thanks to a rewarding loyalty program.

5. Magento 2 Search Autocomplete & Suggest Plugin

Make product discovery effortless and intuitive with a dynamic search bar. This plugin predicts customer queries as they type, suggesting relevant products and categories in 

real-time. This reduces search frustration, leads customers to exactly what they’re looking for faster, and ultimately increases the chances of purchase. Imagine a customer searching for “running shoes” being instantly presented with options for their favorite brands, sizes, and colors – a quick and satisfying shopping experience. 


  • Predictive search bar 
  • Real-time product suggestions 
  • Category-based filtering 
  • Typo tolerance and correction 
  • Search analytics and insights 


  • Enhanced user experience 
  • Faster product discovery 
  • Increased conversion rates 
  • Reduced search abandonment 
  • Improved customer satisfaction

How Search Autocomplete Plugins Can Boost E-commerce Sales

  • Scenario: A customer starts typing “running watch” in the search bar and instantly sees relevant suggestions with filters for brands, features, and prices, leading them to the perfect watch in seconds. 
  • Sales Boost: 8% reduction in search abandonment and a 12% increase in conversion rates with intuitive product discovery. 

6. Magento 2 Track Order & Shipment Status Extension

Keep your customers informed and empowered with real-time order tracking. This plugin lets customers easily track their orders from confirmation to doorstep delivery, providing them with peace of mind and reducing support inquiries. This transparency builds trust, minimizes anxiety, and enhances the overall customer experience. Think of it as a window into the delivery process, letting customers watch their purchases journey to their homes with excitement.  


  • Real-time order tracking
  • Detailed shipment status updates 
  • Estimated delivery dates 
  • Order history and tracking logs 
  • Integration with shipping carriers 


  • Improved customer experience 
  • Reduced support inquiries 
  • Enhanced brand transparency 
  • Increased customer trust 
  • Reduced anxiety and uncertainty

How Track Order & Shipment Magento Plugins Can Boost E-commerce Sales

  • Scenario: A customer excitedly tracks their new phone’s journey from warehouse to doorstep, receiving real-time updates and estimated delivery times, reducing anxiety and increasing anticipation for their purchase. 
  • Sales Boost: 5% increase in customer satisfaction and reduced support inquiries due to transparent order tracking. 

Bonus Tip: Take your sales to the next level with live streaming capabilities. Imagine hosting interactive product demonstrations, showcasing new arrivals, and answering customer questions in real time. This personal touch builds trust, drives impulse purchases, and can boost sales by up to 30%. 

Remember, these are just a few examples. The possibilities for boosting your sales with the right plugins are endless! Experiment, track your results, and unlock the full potential of your e-commerce empire. 

Installation Steps for These Magento E-commerce Plugins

Purchase or Download

  • Acquire the plugin from the developer’s website or Magento Marketplace.

Upload the Plugin

  • Go to your Magento admin panel. 
  • Click on System > Tap “Magento Connect” > Then click “Magento Connect Manager”. 
  • Tap to “Direct package file upload” then select the plugin’s archive file. 
  • Next, Follow the instructions to complete the upload. 

Activate the Plugin

  • Go to System > Configuration. 
  • Locate the plugin’s configuration section and click “Enable”. 

Configure Settings (if applicable)

  • Review the plugin’s settings and adjust them according to your preferences and store requirements. 

Clear Cache

  • Go to System > Cache Management. 
  • Click “Flush Magento Cache” and “Flush Cache Storage”. 

Essential Tips to Select Magento Plugins

  • Compatibility: Always check if the plugin is compatible with your Magento version. 
  • Backup: Create a backup of your Magento files and database before installing any plugin. 
  • Documentation: Refer to the plugin’s official documentation for detailed installation and configuration instructions. 
  • Support: Contact the plugin developer if you encounter any issues or have specific questions. 

Remember, this is just the beginning. Explore, experiment, and discover a world of tools that perfectly align with your vision. But, by implementing these six powerhouses, you’ll be well 

on your way to dominating the e-commerce battlefield and leaving your competitors in the dust. 

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Elevate your e-commerce site with the help of these top 6 Magento Plugins and Boost your sales. 

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FAQs Related To Magento Plugins To Boost Sales on E-Commerce Site

1. How much do these plugins cost? 

The cost of e-commerce plugins can vary depending on the plugin, its features, and the number of licenses you need. Some plugins are free with basic features, while others offer premium plans with more advanced functionalities. For example, Amasty Live Chat offers a free plan with limited features, while their Pro plan with more channels and features starts at 

$49 per month. 

Ultimately, the best way to determine the cost is to research the specific plugins you’re interested in and compare their pricing plans. Remember, a higher price doesn’t always mean a better plugin. Only choose that fits your needs and affordable for you. 

 2. Are these plugins easy to install and use? 

Most e-commerce plugins are designed to be user-friendly and easy to install. Many plugins offer one-click installation through your Magento dashboard, and some even come with detailed documentation and video tutorials to guide you through the process.If you’re not comfortable with technology, many plugin developers also offer installation and support services for an additional fee. 

 3. How long will it take to see results from using these plugins? 

The results you see from using e-commerce plugins will vary depending on the plugin, your website traffic, and your conversion rate. Some plugins, like live chat and abandoned cart recovery, can have a more immediate impact on your sales. Others, like SEO plugins, may take longer to show results as they work to improve your website’s organic search ranking. It’s important to be patient and give the plugins time to work their magic. Track your website traffic and sales data before and after installing the plugins to see how they’re impacting your business. 

 4. I’m not sure which plugins are right for me. What should I do? 

There are many different e-commerce plugins available, so it can be overwhelming to choose the right ones for your website. Here are a few tips to help you decide: 

  • Start by identifying your biggest sales challenges. What are the main reasons why customers are abandoning their carts or not converting? Once you know your challenges, you can choose plugins that address those specific issues. 
  • Read reviews and compare features. Many websites offer reviews of popular e-commerce plugins. You can also compare features on the plugin developers’ websites. 

Don’t be afraid to experiment. Many plugins offer free trials or demos, so you can try them out before you buy them.