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Client Testimonial - Liam Davies

Liam Davies

Owner, Ireland

I Can’t Believe I Sold 98 Jewelry Items within 23 days After Connecting My Estore With Mylivecart. I was struggling with generating online sales. After using Mylivecart, connecting with customers becomes a game-changer! It’s like fuel for my business, as I sold a whopping 98 jewelry items in just 23 days!

Experienced 2X Engagement Rate Wow! My engagement rate skyrocketed by 2X after integrating live shopping into my website. I had been struggling for months, but thanks to Mylivecart, I now go live weekly and capture massive traffic and engagement. #GameChanger
Client Testimonial - Isabel Robinson

Isabel Robinson

Designer, Scotland

Client Testimonial - Jorge Dixon

Jorge Dixon

Product Lead, Orlando

Wow, I can’t even believe that my website has gained 3X increase in inquiries and purchases. Mylivecart made selling online a breeze! With their live streaming integration, I saw a 3X increase in customer inquiries and purchases. It’s like having a personal shopping assistant for every visitor!

Thanks, Mylivecart, for helping us achieve such incredible results! What a game-changer! Mylivecart’s live streaming feature took my customer engagement to new heights. I witnessed a 50% increase in customer interactions and a 30% boost in website traffic. My sales have never been better.
Client Testimonial - Emily Dave

Emily Dave

Fashion Designer, Founder, United States

Client Testimonial - Mary Gilbert

Mary Gilbert

Founder, California

Unbelievably, I sold 135 women’s dresses and 86 men’s dresses in just 1.5 months. Thanks to Mylivecart, I have hired an influencer to host my event and promote my business by going live. I am now witnessing 135 women’s dresses and 86 men’s dresses in just 1.5 months being sold out within 1.5 months (most customers are outside the city).

I’m beyond thrilled! It’s like magic for me to have a 45% increase in sales. Since integrating Mylivecart, my estore has gained a huge success. The live streaming feature helped me triple my social media following and generate a 45% increase in sales.
Client Testimonial - Ethan Walsh

Ethan Walsh

CMO, North Carolina

Client Testimonial – Sara Norris

Sara Norris

Ecommerce Store Owner, Europe

I saw a 60% increment in customer retention. I’m beyond thrilled with these mind-blowing results! It’s like magic for my business! My eStore is growing. The live streaming helped me achieve a 25% increase in customer reviews and a 60% rise in customer retention. It’s the ultimate platform for building trust and credibility.

Unexpected! Ever since I started using Mylivecart, our engagement rate has doubled. Wow! Thanks to Mylivecart, my website’s engagement rate doubled within a month by going live on my estore. Now I’m not just selling products, I’m creating an interactive and immersive shopping experience for my customers.
Client Testimonial - Diana Mills

Diana Mills

Marketing Director, Africa