How to Use Livestreaming to Boost Your Brand’s Reach and Engagement?

Live streaming has become a center of discussion nowadays and even resulted in a positive response to a large number of ecommerce stores. But how do they do this to achieve such growth? What is their secret ingredient to get such boosted brand reach and engagement just by leveraging live streaming on their online store? The main reason behind their success is the right way to use live streaming. In this article, we will discuss some best practices of live streaming to boost the brand’s reach and engagement like never before. Let’s get started.

Identify Your Live Streaming Goals

Before diving into livestreaming, it’s essential to define your goals. What do you want to achieve through livestreaming? Is it to showcase new products, provide educational content, or interact with your audience? Identifying your goals will help you create a focused livestreaming strategy and measure your success.

Create a Live Streaming Schedule and Stick to It

Consistency is key when it comes to livestreaming. Never let yourself be demotivated with the results you will get in the beginning of the live streaming. It is natural to not get enough response in the beginning, but once you start getting enough response, nothing can stop you from getting enough engagement and sales rates. For this, create a schedule for your livestream sessions and inform your audience about the timings. Whether it’s a weekly series, monthly events, or special occasions, having a consistent schedule will build anticipation and make it easier for your audience to tune in regularly.

Host a Contest or Giveaway

Contests and giveaways never turn the excitement and engagement down. Offer your audience exclusive prizes, discounts, or special offers and encourage them to share your livestream with their friends or tag others for additional entries. This not only expands your reach but also increases the chances of converting participants into customers.

Create Urgency

During live session, create an urgency to drive immediate action from your audience. One effective method is by showcasing the product count. The more the product count goes down, the more the sense of urgency will create. It creates a sense of urgency and fear of missing out (FOMO) among your audience as when they feel a time constraint or fear of missing out on an opportunity, they are more likely to engage with your livestream, make a purchase, or share the content with others. This sharing of your content with others will lead to boosted brand reach, resulting in more people engaging and sharing your livestream. This often leads to higher conversion rates and increased sales.

Promote Before and After Session

Spend some time promoting your live streaming event before going live to make your target audience aware about your next live session. Before a few minutes/hours of going live, say 2 hours, use all your available social media channels as well as email newsletter to rush your audience. It will work as a countdown for them and create a sense of activeness towards them to attend your session and improve engagement & brand awareness.

Now, once you end your live session, promote it by publishing it on different social media platforms to make people aware of your live streaming feature, your newly launched product if any, and build brand awareness & engagement.

Take Viewers on a Behind-the-scenes Tour

Create the next level of engagement with your customers or viewers by providing a behind-the-scenes tour. Show how you choose products, how you conduct testing on new products, how your designers design the products, how the operation really works, and everything looks around when you are already on a live session. This way, you can capture their attention, make them think of your brand and products, encourage them to make a purchase from you, and even promote your business though a word-of-mouth. Make sure whatever you are going to show on a lie session should be properly recorded and consistently flows with what you want to show in an exact manner you thought of.

Utilize Q&A and Polls Session

Incorporate interactive elements like Q&A sessions and polls to encourage participation. Engage with your audience in real-time by answering their queries, providing valuable insights, tips and tricks (DIY), and seek their opinions through polls. In this way, you will not only get a better understanding of your audience, but you will also get insight about your live streaming session, seek out ways to better perform, and enhance engagement.

Repurpose Your Video

Before understanding this, keep in mind that your video quality should never be compromised. Use right equipement, software, and settings whenever going live and record it to repurpose it. Video with great quality in terms of resolution, framerate, bitrate, and audio, it will always work as a kick and will affect your engagement with your live stream.

Analyze and Improve

After making all the efforts, analyze and improve your overall performance. From the insights section, gather all the insights and collectively analyze what works and what not, i.e., identify your strengths and weaknesses. Another thing is, find out loopholes and strategize your plan accordingly. Here, loopholes can be the negative response of your audience in terms of engagement, traffic, feedback, least sales from the listed product, and other factors that your live streaming consists of. Now, learn from the mistakes you have made and improve your next live streams. Plus, never forget to compare two events to understand your target audience’s taste and preferences.


So, livestreaming offers a dynamic platform to enhance your brand’s reach and engagement. By following these tips, you can harness the full potential of livestreaming to forge deeper connections with your audience, expand your brand’s visibility, and foster active engagement. With this, you can witness your brand flourish in the realms of online commerce.