The Ultimate Guide to 8 Must-Have WooCommerce Plugins

WooCommerce is the most trusted way to opt while customising an ecommerce store for better results. It has brought a positive and powerful approach to operating online business. All you need to think about is leveraging the potential of the best WooCommerce plugins that will boost the functionality and efficiency of your WooCommerce store.  

However, implementing the right plugins is a thoughtful process itself due to the various options available. To help you opt for the correct one, we have narrowed down the top 7 WooCommerce Plugins. This article will take you to the curated selection of WooCommerce Plugins, each offering a unique purpose, enhancing features your online business requires to keep running smoothly. The below-mentioned plugins are worth checking out for both seasoned and beginner e-commerce professionals to get a competitive edge for your online store.   

Supercharge Your Business with These Top 8 WooCommerce Plugins

Establishing a strong online presence is an undeniable process to succeed in the ever-evolving landscape of e-commerce. WooCommerce plugins empower businesses of all sizes by managing everything seamlessly. Here, we are introducing you to the top 7 WooCommerce plugins that ultimately drive growth and enhance user experience.  


It is fair to say that the ShopLentor WooCommerce plugin is an excellent and feature-rich tool that has all the modern features required to generate the perfect online shopfront. It is the best example of an easy-to-access yet powerful plugin that comes with an Elementor page builder that helps you design WooCommerce pages from scratch. This way, you will find yourself free from depending on the default page designs. Plus, the availability of numerous useful widgets, preset page templates, and supplementary modules such as quick product comparison, Shopify style checkout, email customizer, email automation, and customisable wishlists, adds more to it.  

The primary goal of these many useful functionalities is to serve businesses with the best possible options as users try every way that makes their websites more attractive. With this approach, users would no longer be required to engage with other third-party plugins to get any specific function.  

Key Features

  • ShopLenter tends to offer AR (augmented reality) technology that ensures customer satisfaction by letting them try out products virtually.   
  • It has advanced algorithms that help businesses to offer personalised experiences by analysing customer preferences, behaviour, and search history.   
  • The smart checkout process of ShopLenter includes advanced, contactless payment options that make it user-friendly.   


SeedProd contains all the required features which strengthen the optimisation process of landing pages. It is a quick and easy page builder that offers professionally designed page templates, themes, and more which keep you going with the entire process. Its drag-and-drop feature makes it a popular choice amongst users. It is incredibly recommended for people with no experience but at the same time, its advanced and revolutionary characteristics make it perfect for seasoned businesses.  

The interface of SeedProd is quite impressive as when you try to figure out things, the blank canvas uses available elements in the sidebar to mold it as per your anticipation. All you will be required to do is, drag and drop the elements exactly to the area you need to, and you will be witness to your built-up of a website. Well, here is the precise explanation of its features. Let’s have a glance at them.  

Key Features

  • SeedProd has an amazing drag-and-drop interface that keeps you free from acquiring any coding language to build a responsive eCommerce website.  
  • It has numerous landing page templates with the inclusion of many mode pages. Therefore, you can modify the appearance as per your liking and preferences. 
  • Plus, its customised WooCommerce blocks help users to create custom fields, for instance, shopping cart, checkout, product grids, and cart buttons for fruitful results. 

All in One SEO

All in One SEO is one of the most admired SEO plugins for WooCommerce stores on the market. It is full-fledged with each feature you need to optimise your website and open up the maximum search traffic. The availability of high-end helpful suggestions for improving your website’s content and making it engaging is the reason it has become the first choice for over 3 million online shop owners.  

Once you consider understanding All in One SEO, you will find it as your personal SEO assistant. It offers hassle-free integration with prominent social media platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Facebook, and more.  

Key Features

  • With All in One SEO, you will be able to dynamically design the titles and tags that perfectly describe your products. 
  • It will let you define any specific product manually which helps your customer understand your products more clearly.  
  • All in One SEO has a feature to automatically generate XML sitemaps for the available goods and their categories. And, this amazing feature assures online store owners that their products are being listed at the top of the search engine. 


MonsterInsights is a great WooCommerce plugin for users seeking to have in-depth comprehensive business reports. Users can easily track the performance of their eCommerce stores. This way, they found enough time to make data-driven decisions to improve the outcomes. MonsterInsights helps you to analyse the stats that truly matter for any online store for instance, conversion rate, number of transactions, average order value, revenue, which top products are being liked the most, which country is driving the most sales, and tons of considerable data.  

When it comes to selecting the best Google Analytics plugin for the WooCommerce store, most people go with MonsterInsights. It has the potential to help you in delivering more personalised experiences to your users.  

Key Features

  • In-built Google Analytics dashboard is the first thing that keeps businesses up-to-date with the performance of their website. 
  • It helps you keep your website visitors coming by providing you with a detailed report of how they are using it and how useful your site is for them. 
  • MonsterInsights promotes universal analytics to ensure real-time tracking of devices and platforms. 

WooCommerce Product Add-Ons

WooCommerce Product Add-Ons play a crucial role for eCommerce businesses that tend to offer customers customizable product options. It has a versatility that strengthens online store owners to improve the shopping experience. It is possible due to the supplementary features and add-ons for the products. No matter what product you have chosen to sell on your online store, it can be customisable gifts, personalised apparel or anything, Product Add-Ons ultimately supercharge its sales and filter the specific preferences of your customers.  

With WooCommerce Product Add-Ons, you have the opportunity to use the drag-and-drop upload feature to simplify the field uploading procedure. The most often used file uploading technique allows you to create a drag-and-drop field that facilitates rapid selection by users. 

Key Features

  • Make your customers feel special by catering to their preferences and requirements.  
  • WooCommerce Product Add-Ons is a lightweight plugin that simplifies the process of adding custom fields to your WooCommerce pages.  
  • WooCommerce Product Add-Ons offer you an option to add many items as a dropdown. Your customers will find it helpful to select one item or more, depending on the configuration. It is also possible to select a single price for all fields or a distinct price for every field. 


FunnelKit can be described as no-code sales funnel builders that drag more potential leads to your online store, enhance order value, and ensure time-to-time follow-up campaigns to keep customers in touch. Moreover, it has incredible eCommerce automation features that contain the ability to boost your revenue.  

FunnelKit has to offer the easiest way to generate and design high-converting sales funnels. It keeps you just a few clicks away from an impressive landing, checkout, and most importantly thank you page. Apart from this, you will get the authority to leverage all relevant features such as upsells, downsells, and so on.  

Key Features

  • FunnelKit has plenty of in-built high-converting sales funnel templates that work with popular page builders. 
  • It has the potential to ease the entire process of performance analysis.  
  • With FunnelKit, users can make timely changes to develop robust marketing strategies.  


As the name suggests, LiveChat promotes instant replies to all the queries raised by customers to your WooCommerce store regarding their purchase or product. There could be nothing as amazing as rectifying the questions instantly to enhance the user experience ultimately. It is the best way to improve the conversion ratio by converting your potential customers to actually make them purchase your items before they abandon their carts.  

Additionally, it will also let you personalise your message depending on the different criteria. This plugin contains a potent way to add live chat to your WordPress website. Plus, it has a chat widget that is the contact form for offline messages or even to enable customers to sign up for your mailing list. Targeted messaging is only one of the many efficiency aspects that LiveChat provides. For example, you might utilise them to have them show up on your checkout page automatically in the event that a customer leaves. 

Key Features

  • LiveChat is a feature-rich plugin that lets you have the option to adjust or change the colours and messages that reflect your website.  
  • Setting up fast responses to address frequently asked topics and creating chat tags to expedite discussion just takes a few seconds. You may manage several chat windows on various sites to streamline your customer service procedures. 
  • Moreover, LiveChat offers 24*7 customer support that answers the queries of your customers even when you are chilling during your off-hours.  

WooCommerce Google Feed Manager

WooCommerce Google Feed Manager is a potent plugin that can ease your task of product management. It allows its users to add up to 100 products from your online store to a product setup provided it is fulfilling the Google Shopping requirements. This plugin shines when it comes to multiplying your sales with a considerable margin by adding your products to the Google Shopping feed. 

Apart from adding your products to the feed, you can tweak the contents of your products. This way, you can be able to offer your customers exactly what they are demanding and maximise your revenue. And, you will witness more advanced options that boost your products and make them stand out.  

Key Features

  • WooCommerce Google Feed Manager helps generate the product feeds even in a few steps. Therefore, no long hours are required on documents.  
  • This plugin has a UI that guides the feed generation process. It is recommended for people who do not have in-depth technical knowledge.  
  • Moreover, you can easily create a shopping feed manager that will allow all users to follow the feed so that your products can be captured by more eyes. 

Well, these are the plugins that can benefit you immensely. Each of the discussed plugins works with the only intention that is prioritising user experience and providing an array of options that can personalise the features available.  

Summing UP

All in all, having the best WordPress plugin for your eCommerce site can enhance the overall functionality. Each plugin discussed above can help you immensely by enabling you to opt for the required features for your website. Hence, having your own eCommerce site exactly built as per your preferences is simpler than you ever thought. It is undoubtedly clear that the more you take care of your website’s design and its functionality by opting for the best plugin, there is nothing that has the potential to stop you from growing your sales.  

We have curated this list to help you with top WooCommerce plugins. We assure you that you will find these plugins having a high adoption rate and securing a good review by people who have been using them for a long time. All the plugins that are being discussed in this blog are just for making it as easy for your clients with your website to interact as possible. One thing every online shop owner should keep in mind is that the more you will be able to reduce barriers and friction to make UX better, the more conversions you will be able to secure.